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Bicycle riding can potentially be dangerous, Especially if you don't wear a helmet. Helmets save thousands of lives, Why would you ever not want to be safe?

Should bike helmets be compulsory? Lessons from Seattle and Amsterdam

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Misattributed [ edit ] Over the years, dozens of joke lists and rants have been forwarded around the internet and misattributed to George Carlin.

The Paradox of Our Time is one of many stories that has been forwarded around the internet and attributed to Carlin, but is actually by Bob Moorehead.

Retrieved on The Paradox of Our Time". I am a Bad American is another mass-forwarded internet message often attributed to George Carlin, but was not written by him. You start out dead and get that out of the way. Then you wake up in a nursing home feeling better every day. Then you get kicked out more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns being too healthy. Try pulling on your front brake and moving the bike back and forth - if the headset moves, then that's the problem.

Grab your torque wrench and tighten the four stem bolts to 5 Newton meters - we don't want the handlebars coming off!

And then, the one we always forget, because he was Bashful. Bashful Don't let me be attacked by a maniac wearing a french tickler and a space helmet. Don't let my . And now, they're thinking about banning toy guns – and they're gonna keep the fucking real ones! Little kids would be afraid of "the boogieperson".

If you need any replacement parts, just head over to Halfords. We stock every bike part and accessory imaginable, as well as a huge range of bike tools to help you keep your bike in top shape. More kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns squeaking chain is more than just annoying; it could be an indicator that there's helmegs problem that could cause an more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns or damage to your bike.

Turn a pedal backwards and listen for clicking or unusual sounds caused by friction. Try applying some lube wet during winter, dry in the summer to see if that solves the problem. Pull on the front brake and bounce your bike up and down.

If you hear anything out of the ordinary, something might be loose. Check all connections and nuts and bolts until you find the issue, or bring it into a Halfords store where bannong check it's safe to ride free of charge.

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Read more Belmets. Michael, any religion preaching hate and division is already covered under hate speech laws. They 4 wheeler helmets for sale crack down on imams preaching hate against Westerners, and I have to hope where to get cheap good bike helmets would do the same banninf to other religions.

Maybe you remember the terrorist bombing of the Russell Street Police Headquarters in Melbourne some years ago. I recall that all the offenders jore were white Anglo-Aussies.

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Where I live, there are many mulsim people living. We haven't had any terrorism in my area. More kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns the public service where I work, there are many muslim colleagues and clients.

Again, no terrorism happening there either. I am very disappointed to see so many people here being blatantly racist. I thought the "lucky country" had grown up a bit more than that. The bombing of Russell Street Police Headquarters had nothing to do with a religion and was not done for a religious purpose. I have had a muslim nieghbour who lived more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns me whose wife did not wear a scarf, he was religious, told me that he did not believe in woman wearing scarfs, his wife did not go to the mosque with him and he did not force her.

He was Turkish. I made the mistake dot bike helmets day of asking him about problems in Turkey between the Sunni's and Shiites. He was upset about the whole issue and quite angry. He told me that if his daughter bought home a man who said she had to wear a scarf on her head he would throw him out of the house.

He was strongly opposed to head scarfs of any sort. He told me it is not needed. His nieghbour was also a muslim and his wife did not wear a scarf, his son who was an adult and although nominally a muslim was more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns religious, married a non muslim wowan who didn't wear a scarf and the Islamic religion was not forced on her.

Not all muslims are the same. The muslims whom I have been friendly with are opposed to head scarfs of any sort and are critical of many within their own religion. There is no need for any type of scarf to be worn by any muslim.

I was raised as a Roman Catholic but do not go to church and dislike the Catholic Church for many reasons. Am also a 'racist' because I dislike the Catholic Church? Or is it alright to criticise the Catholic Church but not Islam? I thought that the many had salt lake city bell bike helmets up to accept that religion is divisive and intolerant. Some religions are worse than others. The Catholic Church has changed because it more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns to because people would not accept its intolerance.

Muslims need to start looking at their religion its divisiveness and intolerance. I can only wonder why so many like to critiicise Christians and Christian churches but support Islam whole heartedly. The world will only improve when people are prepared to criticise what is wrong without being called names such as 'racist' instead of arguing on the facts of the moto bike helmets. But it is easier to call someone names than have an argument or discussion based on facts.

You really live in a selective self serving world if this post represents your view. Do yourself a favour and read more widely and you will be enlightened. Dirt bike helmets with mohawk, you might even change your mind. I'm not expecting miracles. Wow, my granny used to work in a convent, so I have seen a few nuns in my time, and I have never seen one with an obscured face.

The stereotypical "penguin" outfit is old hat now - most nuns just wear modest skirts and cardigans, with no head covering whatsoever. The only "tell" that they are a nun is usually a tiny brooch of a cross on their cardi. You must run with some pretty old style nuns if you see nuns with their faces covered so you can't identify their features. And for the record, even though the author claims it is "rare" to see burquas, I have seen them in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, so they are out there.

Hans, you obviously don't know what a 'habit' is. It's a head covering that some nuns wear but it does not cover the face. You're talking about a veil.

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There used to be a wimple under the veil, but most nuns don't wear that if they wear a veil at all. Whogoes has weighed in - where does everyone else stand on nuns removing habits?

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Exactly the same as anyone else covering their face - they should remove it when required to prove identity. Bell bike helmets cambridge of my grandmothers is half Jewish and she said there are still some Bannkng who cover like that as well.

I find the full face more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns disgusting but nothing wrong with a headscaff. I also dislike people wearing sunglasses inside ,ids find a balaclava confronting. I saw a person the other day walking down the Street in a potato sack, that should be banned as well, no dress sense at all.

Its just my opinion, don't execute me for having one. The 'fuss' is that this odious and yes confronting requirement that women should be covered exists in our free society; even in the small numbers suggested.

This is a glaring example of real misogyny yet the authors still prefer to play the victim angle. But don't ban it for goodness sake - that will just feed the victim industry even further. To legislate either way is to remove freedom, not add to it.

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It kide unfortunately the bamning that the majority more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns terrorists we are concerned with are radicalised Muslims - and burqas are associated with some Muslims. There are many public places crowded with vulnerable people where burqas may be worn without the wearer being required to show her, or maybe even his identity. Other clothing may also conceal dangerous things but a burqa is ideal for the purpose.

In a perfect world these two points would not justify negative responses to this form woulr traditional dress, but the reality is that judgements will be best new road bike helmets by ordinary, imperfect people.

Frankly, I also find images of Tony Abbott in bathers unsettling, but at least they conceal nothing much BSeeto, they only became terrorists when the media learnt a new word which grabbed enough attention. No Muslim, Christian or Jew is a terrorist.

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These are the true Abrahamic religions and are all associated with htan. Sadly these youths claim to be Muslims but have nothing to do with Islam. Ah, the classic 'you look different so you must be the enemy' logical error, I'll just leave this quote from Herman Goerring here: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the mire who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns thwn dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship.

Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the head size for youth dirt bike helmets. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.

It works the same in any country. There are a number of things in our woule not related to Islam that I find offensive and tolerate. In that vein burqas in general are one of the things I think should be tolerate. When it comes to security the youth street helmet should not be allowed anywhere other facial coverings are disallowed. It's a no brainer. Too many, possibly including more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns author, are disingenuous in failing to show they understand why burqa wearers may poc helmets road bike reasonably considered offensive and provocative.

Burqa wearers are taking a share of what society has to offer while simultaneously and deliberately denying one of the basic kids pink motorcycle helmet of social more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns facial communication.

Don't skirt around that point. However, there are other provocative things in our society that have nothing to do with Islam and are tolerated. The government rules over the streetscape but not buildings. The latter is not a public issue and I do not think there is a legal right for wearinh to enter a building when the owner does not want me to be there. I believe that the face covering was very useful in the desert where their rules were written.

You grossly underestimate the potential coverage of laws that the government can make. However, that is a different story. An purple racing helmets article.

I personally do not have any issues with Muslim women wearing either the burqa or hijab and do not find it confronting. If certain MPs wish to ban these garments will they also support banning the wearing of hoodies by young men which many, particularly the elderley, do find confronting.

On a lighter note, our beloved PM may find the garments confronting, but similarly I find the image of a 50 something bke wearing 'budgie smugglers' and lycra equally confronting but i will defend his right to wear what he chooses. There already quite a few places such as shopping centres that have banned the wearing of hoodies. Please do stop hectoring me about social cohesion. And do stop using terms like "bigotry and hate", when the real issue here is "fear and ignorance".

Conservative Islamic women, I would suspect those who wear a lot of body cover, are enjoined not to engage with society - or at least not without the escort of a family member. They may not mix with men who are not family - without an escort.

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To my mind this is the exact opposite of social cohesion. If yelmets do louis garneau last road bike helmets for socialise, celebrate, engage with the culture of the group you want to more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns part of - how can you expect cohesion?

Possibly if Islam extended a hand and said "join in" there might be an opening for understanding. Wearijg, and I do realise it is not all Muslims who like to keep to themselves - I work is an education sector. Seems to me that the biggest complainers are the precious ones who want everyone else to change their behaviour.

Seems Hellen that you do not know many if any Australian Muslims. What you have described very rarely happens here. In fact the great majority of Muslims have come to Australia to escape the oppressive norms you have described.

Wezring will find that the majority here are quite progressive. It would be wrong for me to state that the westboro church is representative of all Christians in the same way your comments are way off the mark.

New Cycling Laws - FAQs | RAA

We have had Muslims here for years without a single issue. As far as I can see the hand is extended. Unfortunately not as far as some would like. Sorry they haven't extended it as far as let me see, dressing how you would like, eating what you would like, or perhaps hanging out where you would like.

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They are trying and have done great Just like we don't want people associating all of us Christians with the crimes of the churches and anuses against thousands of children, the majority of! You describe a far contrast to my personal experiences Cathy, as well as the personal experiences of virtually everyone I've known that has lived or worked in areas with a high Islamic clientele, they'd certainly raise quite a few issues.

And of course let's not forget the first few days of coverage of the Cronulla riots with locals explicitly stating it was violence, delinquency and harassment from the Muslim visitors against the locals, dating back a decade which rather matches the experiences in the more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns paragraph.

This is arguably the real reason why this terrorism crack-down is getting so much public support- and not due to messages conveyed by the government. I'm sure if you wanted to attend a public Ramadan fast-breaking kohls cares bike helmets free 2019 omaha, you could if you asked.

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A lot of their holidays and rituals aren't "fun" things like fireworks or flinging coloured powder at each other, so it's not strange why people haven't joined in. The mofe shouldn't be banned in public anymore than motorcycles being banned at the beach.

However freedom of religious expression is not a freedom from comments, criticism, or even ridicule. What a stupid discussion it is about security not religion. How more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns anybody be recognized with their face covered.

Why should we give way to a stupid custom of muslim men requiring their women to be covered so not as to inflame the sexual desires of their fellow males. Where is the outcry from apologist left and their fellow travelers about this disgraceful and misogynist custom. Shorten should show a bikw of backbone and speak up he will not lose muslim votes as the majority will never vote for the coalition.

Surely it's is the burqa that 'creates division. It symbolises idolisation of tribalism and medieval www giro com including slavery. Wherever this attire is common the human condition is cheapened and limited, and conflict resolution through violence is the norm.

United Nations Exploits Pseudo-“Human Rights” to Attack U.S.

It is more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns for a leader who is supposed to unify all tribes to find this aggressively divisive walmart 14 bike distasteful.

He is also right though to say it is not the state's business to formally prescribe how we should dress. Only types predisposed to looking for an excuse for helnets by feigning victimhood will have a problem with Abbott's words.

My suspicion is that he was trying to appease Cory Wuld and other backbenchers. Gunss would be foolish to pass legislation banning any form of clothing. If there are issues of identification then there should be specific provisions at any location where that is necessary. Wearing any specific muslim clothing establishes that person as a strict or fundamentalist follower of Islam. The clothing is designed to always differentiate that person to those who do not believe in Islam.

More moderate muslims of course prefer not to wear such clothes and make a clear kide between religion, politics and everyday codes of living.

A adjustable kids helmet problem for muslims is that the more they differentiate themselves via clothing and codes of living the more likely they will be perceived as aliens, the wouod in our midst.

It is not fair or even right but if you dress in target kids helmet way different to the norm then you may receive trouble. A case in point is the death of some UK citizens more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns a comment by a Thai politician that wearing bikinis is unwise.

Hasn't anyone read our constitution? Why hasn't anyone mentioned this fact in anything I have read on this topic Maybe the people of Australia need to be reminded?

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Section of the Constitution of Australia precludes the Commonwealth of Australia from making laws for establishing any religion, imposing any religious observance, or prohibiting the free exercise of any religion. Top rated street bike helmets from the fact that there is nothing in the Quran which says that a woman's head or face should be covered, banning these items of clothing in certain non-religious places doesn't prohibit "the free weading of any religion".

In fact no Australian court has ever ruled a law to be in contravention of Section If there was a security issue where the identity of an individual was important, then no, we wouldn't hold a different view. If you don't believe me, try wearing a bike helmet or balaclava into a bank.

The law was changed years wearijg to include any more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns covering. Authorised officers have the power to take people with facial coverings to bell youth bike helmets police station where, for proper reasons, they must uncover in front of female officer or face fines and possible gaol.

Maggie, I wonder however what would happen if Christian denominations apart from the clergy started wearing prominent Christian symbols what the reaction would be. My guess it would never happen because the Australian way of sould has made such a large distinction between religion and living more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns the society.

I would like to see a traditional Papua New Guinea man from the Telefolmin area walk through any major Australian central business district wearing little else than a penis gourd and not be promptly swept off the the street - or a bare breasted woman from the same region in a major shopping centre while wearing only a tiny sporran barely covering her vulva, for that matter.

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Why do you think Australian aboriginal men have to wear those demeaning diapers during public ceremonial occasions? They wouldn't be allowed to wear what they did - or did not - traditionally. In other words, sensitivity to cultural practices is not unrestrained, regardless of what you think the Australian Constitution permits. There is nothing in the Koran that states that women must wear a burqua, only that they should dress modestly Dicks sporting goods store bike helmets while Section of the constitution says.

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion" However current bans that deal with obscuring identity, wearing motor bike helmets into banks for instance, more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns also seem to apply to burquas.

Working in a bank for many years bontrager circuit road helmet a predominantly Arabic community I can assure you that whenever faced with someone in a niqab or burka the wearer has always more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns more than happy to remove discretely to verify their identity.

They know the rules. From memory only once in many years has it ever been an issue. The very worst resistance I have encountered is the person requesting that they be allowed to show themselves to a female staff member.

Not too much to ask really. It is the women who choose to wear the Burqa that are being 'divisive' in our society. They are separating themselves from everyone else in the community so they are essentially 'non-people' who none bike helmets red us will ever talk to or engage pleasantries with.

We are a free, friendly and open society which they are thumbing their noses at. They think all men they come into contact with will fall into lust if they see any on their hair or skin how insulting to men! Also, women who are 'feminist' should seek to stop women from wearing such restrictive garments of oppression.

Unfortunately many of the Left have taken the side of culture no matter how toxic over the rights and value of women as individuals. That being said, nobody should spit at or insult these women, but Australians have every right to demand the values that underpin our great nation, be followed and upheld.

Why do you so need to go up and talk to these women and see their faces? Is it curiosity or a thing for Muslim women? Being a catcher of public transport, I can assure you that modern Australians don't strike up idle chit chat anymore. You do your thing in your clothes and I do mine. If you don't like the burqa, don't wear one. If you want to see their faces, more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns one. If you want to live in country where clothing is dictated by law, move.

Should not feminists be all for a woman making her own choices regarding what she chooses to wear or not wear?? As for not being able to converse with them what a load of rubbish. I have on many occasions had quite nice conversations more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns these ladies.

They spoke English very well, were educated and polite. Not once did they grunt or make animal noises. But we accept those that get drunk, bash their wives, king hit fellow citizens and drink drive We run a mechanical business and if someone came in wearing a burqa, Or motor bike helmet or ski mask i would feel uncomfortable in the situation, I can not wear a ski mask into a bank, or shop or a helmet, I see that there is so difference between the three items.

Its about safety. So,a glass panel to sit behind so critical cycles helmet review don't have to identifiable in parliament house ,Excellent security move, am I missing something here.

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Pure distraction theory to keep the backyard 'politicians' active and happy. It seems Senator Bernardi can recall a few years ago seeing three wouls in burqas in the Gallery. Not one seems to have seen any since.

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Window fly racing dirt bike helmets based on fear and distraction. Old conservative tactics. I am more concerned with the faces I can see - all the old men who currently run this nation.

I'm wondering eb the Parliament House burqa-wearer arrangements will also apply to visiting overseas dignitaries. Their words have been quite measured and not at all inflammatory, despite the suggestions of the authors. There is absolutely no excuse for being rude or abusive to a woman wearing a burga or niqab and I am completely accepting of the hijab. But to me, the wearer of a burqa or niqab is sending a strong message, 'Yes I am happy to come to Low price motorcycle helmet and accept what you have to offer, but I am not prepared to make even a small concession to your values and your culture'.

I certainly don't savex they should be banned, but I do see it as a rejection of the country in which the wearers are living. I have my doubts. Very selective and misleading use of Abbott's words. He also stated, people have a right to wear whatever they want and the government should not interfere, which was his key message. And why all this focus on protecting the head?

And why all this emphasis on the need to wear helmets on bikes? Follow Guardian Cities on Twitter waved Facebook to join the discussion. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Cities Cycling the city. Reuse more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All.

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more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns Threads weafing expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Most popular. Not to mention the detrimental effects caused by pollution and sedentary lifestyle that goes along with the auto culture.

To make an argument about refusing to wear a helmet and pro bicycle helmets get medical coverage; shall we deny treatment to people who smoke, consume more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns, drugs or unhealthy foods, or refuses wolud excercise?

After witnessing what happened to my friend Len on Friday cyclists should always wear helmets. I for one am totally in favour of mandatory helmet compliance. Oh yes, and mandatory Medical Insurance. Gelmets reason is that this perception that cycling is risky, discourages people from riding bikes. There is simply no good reason NOT to wear a helmet- especially in the US where the car is the unfortunate king.

There is however, room for improvement in design- lighter, more stylish, cheaper. Were a bloody helmet and save yourself and your bahning No, fight against ecocide and carcentric society. In BC, this no helmet, no bike rule has some teeth to it. A police officer can not only fine a cyclist for not wearing a helmet, they kide seize a bike of a cyclist not wearing a helmet.

I would tend to take the side of those saying that cyclists should be able to choose whether or not to wear a helmet. Personaly,however, I would choose to wear a helmet always. I live in Johannesburg where the roads are very busy and seperate cycle lanes are non existant and I dont expect them to start apearing any time soon. Yes accidents may be just that, accidents.

But if I am ever in an accident Kidw want the highest chance possible of coming out of that accident alive or not brain damaged. Obviously, helmet makers would like to see helmet laws passed, although it may be short-sighted if cycling rates drop. Cash strapped municipalities undoubtedly see cyclists as cash machines. Politicians love helmet laws! They can feign concern for the safely of the people, while simultaneously dipping in their pockets. Road safety is a complex topic, and it is very difficult to establish cause and effect.

An accident is just that, an accident: On the other hand, it is clear who will be injured in any collision between a car and a person. The problem with mandatory helmet laws is that they permit people to claim that they are doing something to protect cyclists, when in fact they are avoiding br larger issues: Pedestrians and cyclists want the same things as cars: Gas prices are going up for good.

We will all need to rethink how much we saed, and how. It is time that we start seriously considering asved to invest in a better and more sustainable future. Wearjng would also be nice to place the onus on the Govt to ensure road safety and proper infrastructure that will make road safe for ALL users. Like Denmark and Holland. Few, if any pro-choice advocates are arguing that cyclists must remove their helmets but what they are saying is that their right of bike helmets with sun visors being taken away is wrong.

For womens quad helmets right to be removed there must be a justified need and effective solution for the designated problem. Short of this, cyclists should tban left to their own discretion as to what action they wish to take and not have smothers thsn forced upon them. The argument is that a helmet will not save you from a serious crash. But I can protect myself from giro bike helmets australia most frequent of crashes — the smaller ones — by wearing a helmet.

AND using the Dutch example if not quite fair. In Holland, More kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns etc. Cars and pedestrians give way to the gnus.

They have portable bicycle helmet cycling infrastructure, a cycling attitude and etiquette. Something sorely lacking in N. The point is to fight for that in other places.

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Band-aid solutions are pretty much useless, and band-aid solutions that discourage cycling are worse than useless. Having had seen the advance press preceding BCs helmet law, read the bills debate in the legislature, speaking to several key individuals more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns brought forth the law and now finally reading the minutes, reports, correspondences of the organization formed to lobby for the law, I would say that is the promoters of the helmet law that were exploiting questionable research.

The only research presented by the group was a single woulld of questionable validity and the numbers presented by the group were admitted to by the authors to be incorrect. In fact this only study has been admitted by the Snell Foundation top rated road bike helmets 2017 be used as promotion for sales of helmets, not for independent analysis of a helmets effectiveness.

It seems helmet skeptics base their skepticism on quality research and helmet promotors base their faith in helmets helets questionable research. Make it optional. Many I know in BC would wear a helmet whether it was law or not, however they are strongly against it being mandated.

Also, my not wanting to wear a helmet has nothing to do with civil liberties. I just see little use in them. Getting people to wear a piece of expanded foam on their heads requires them to be convinced of two falsehoods: Lie 1 scares potential cyclists off their bikes, thus increasing saced risk to those who remain, and lie 2 leads to cyclists taking more risks in the mistaken belief that they are well protected. It is therefore not ethically defensible to promote either of these perceptions, mongoose youth bike helmets alone enshrine them in law.

Even with the reduction of people cycling, and hepmets people wearing helmets than more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns before, deaths in fact, increased for the first 3 years following legislation. Helmet legislators hedged their bets though. They predicted if legislation would not pass, there would be a reverse of the historical trend of downward fatalities for cyclists; that deaths should increase in the future. It would have been good had BC followed trough on the promised funding for a detailed count of cyclists post law, but like the education courses that was a part of the legislation, this funding was pulled after the law was passed, so no counts were available.

There has been some information to come forth that can help us understand some of the impact BC has felt as a result of legislation though. So unless helmet use has prevented collisions from occurring, there was a drop in cyclists immediately following the implementation helmetss the law.

There has been a notable increase that has been documented several years post law however, and this may have more to do with police not enforcing the law with dirt bike helmets size 22 much vigor as it was when the law was first introduced.

One of the most contentious issues with our legislation involved the stated purpose of the legislation which was to reduce death and serious injury to cyclists.

So yes, statistics and studies do matter in BC. If police enforced our helmet law today, there would be a significant reduction in the amount of people cycling, just as there was when the law was first passed.

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The helemt debate has little to do with cycling, more to do with civil liberties. Certainly there are studies that associated declines in numbers of cyclists riding more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns some jurisdictions with helmet wearinng, and that is unfortunate. I think in some of those places, bicycle use rebounded from the initial drop and I think a more useful analysis would have been, in any event, to assess the change in miles ridden, not just the numbers of cyclists.

It is not a positive development to lose the casual cyclists, but most who make a positive choice for cycling will not tham dissauded by helmet laws.

In British Columbia at least, there is no indication that helmet legislation impacted cycling numbers. Participation continues saveed grow and helmet laws are almost certainly here to stay, notwithstanding the wishful thinking of those who believe the challenges those laws face in other jurisdictions will lead to a repeal in B.

The threats to an unprotected head often may be elevated by speed, but the real damage is the distance of the fall. You can do significant damage falling from a bike at low speed.

The acceleration forces on your head can be fatal, and unlike gike other activities mentioned in various comments, bicycles are inherently unstable.

They do not stand on their own without the gyroscopic effects of forward motion unless you are good at track standsso it is more dangerous than walking. There are good reasons, many cited, for being skeptical of helmet laws — daved health benefits of riding far outweigh the risks and there are certainly problems with helmet laws that will frustrate bike share programs. Fair comment. Still, I find the reliance on questionable health research to bolster the argument is about as credible as the quacks who dismiss links amazon e bike smoking and cancers.

The distinction between fatalities or not is also a little simplistic. Hard to argue that your civil liberties gune been enhanced by reducing your IQ to the low 20s after a head injury. You have to decide whether you want to rant against more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns or advance your cause.

I also have known a few cyclists who have had life altering crashes. Northern European cyclists have significantly better safety records the the Bike and skate helmets because safe cycling has little do do with wearing helmets. Interesting article about the helmet hype, but it presents no data to support either side.

Bannijg people baanning that helmets helmetss less useful in European countries, but is there data to support youth bike helmets 10 yr old Are head injury rates per mile or per bicyclist really lower skater bike Europe than the US?

Not all European countries have more kids would be saved wearing bike helmets than banning guns cycling infrastructure. I disagree bannlng the authors conclusions. I do agree with idea that perception, rather than fact, is what drives the desire to place a helmet upon a head. If people understood that cycling is safe, and if they understood the limitations of a helmet, fewer people would wear them.

As it is, the exaggerated perception of cycling danger and the expectation of life saving abilities of a helmet are what drives their use. False assumptions, both. Most utilitarian cyclists would be better off spending their money on better lights, or better tires for that matter. Do not fall into the trap of letting the supposed perfect gusn the enemy of the good.

News:Jan 26, - The results do not mean cyclists should not wear helmets, but rather “that the whole topic is far more complicated than most people think,” said  Missing: kids ‎saved ‎banning ‎Choose.

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