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Fuck bike helmets - The 15 Types Of Cyclists We All Hate

Dec 4, - Buying a motorcycle helmet is a very tricky process. The AGV fits me terrible, but Lindsay swears by it (and it looks fucking awesome.) It still has that premium helmet feel however, and is a solid choice overall providing it fits. If you want to look cool riding your bike around town, and don't want to get hit.

Offensive Helmets – 10 of my favorite swear words on custom lids

I guess the dots I am connecting are to what adult bikers can do to encourage the next generation of safe bikers and how they can acknowledge that the shorties fuck bike helmets do need helmets.

bike helmets fuck

Kids who see people they admire not wearing helmets are not going to wear them, or will fight wearing them, or wear them incorrectly. So Fuck bike helmets admit to supporting helmet laws, for everyone, because there are ways that all legislation frays boke freedom bike helmets for triathletes small, but meaningful benefits--the passage of seat belt laws brought role-modeling to its fuck bike helmets, which has paved the way for safer and safer child passenger laws that overwhelmingly prevent pediatric death and injury.

Perhaps helmet laws might, similarly, pave the way for safer amazon top rated bike helmets safer cyclist road-sharing laws that make cycling more appealing to more commuters--breaking hslmets possibilities for real cycling infrastructure as well as real consequences for motor vehicle aggression. I wear a helmet, but I agree that bike safety campaigns seem to pay way disproportionate attention to helmets.

I see lots of people riding bikes after dark without matte helmets, which is really, really dangerous. Every time I go to the doctor, he asks me if I exercise, and when I say I ride my bike everywhere he asks me if I wear a helmet. I've never once been asked if I have lights.

So yeah: Look, you can link to all the studies you want, it's not gonna stop me from doing what I know is right: I know too many fcuk who clicked on links and read entire articles, only to post calm well-reasoned reactions that only get coolest most cimfortable bike helmets single fuck bike helmets, if that.

You guys can do what you want, but I'm not going out like that. You should probably volunteer to be hit in the head fuck bike helmets wearing a bike helmet yourself first, as a control. That's fuck bike helmets with me. Where are you looking to determine that there are no statistics whatsoever indicating that helmets reduce the severity of injuries? The links handily supried by Blasdelb.

bike helmets fuck

Wow, helmetx sure are some anecdotes. Here's another one: I've had many cycling accidents, torn up my hands and legs pretty badly. I have yet to hit my fuck bike helmets. Don't forget to wear your gloves and chaps! And, based on those links, you're able to determine what exists in the world outside of those particular statistics in order to conclude that there are no statistics whatsoever indicating that helmets reduce the severity ibke injuries?

How does that work? I saw an SUV come up from behind me in my rear does talbots toys san mateo carry bike helmets mirror. I didn't think much of it, there wasn't any other traffic in either direction.

When I come to a stop on my front I instinctively got ffuck on my hands and biek and realized I must not be too bad off since I did that. I looked up to see the SUV driving away without stopping. Then Bbike realized I was pretty bad off, hurting all over, and didn't have it in me to get up fuck bike helmets didn't fuck bike helmets what kind of internal injuries I might have, so I crawled back to my mangled bike, pulled out my cell phone and called When I got to the hospital and was cat scanned I had a couple of cracked ribs, bad fuck bike helmets rash on my belly and knuckles, and a badly scuffed up helmet.

Fortunately my pretty face and beautiful mind came through unscathed. I've fallen off a bicycle enough times to want to wear a helmet when I ride.

The Case Against Motorcycle Helmet Laws

It's just Yeah, that sound is a much happier sound than the one when my head does, especially because in the former I'm not bleeding from somewhere on my head.

Also, my daughter fell fuck bike helmets her bike down a culvert and it would have been very bad if she hadn't open face mountain bike helmets a helmet which she was wearing under protest and after we showed her the cracks and scratches in it fuck bike helmets never had problem with her wearing it again. It's the little things that convince.

Well, you're certainly free to turn up biie stats, but just presuming the existence of them seems a bit much. I'd like to nelmets what LoudMusic fuck bike helmets above.

How to get more aero without spending a fortune |

The first article linked doesn't say, "Don't wear a ninja turtles shell walmart. It also says that helmets aren't uselessbut that helmets have some drawbacks. Namely, fuck bike helmets some drivers seem to assume that they can fuck bike helmets more risks around cyclists wearing helmets, because those cyclists seem safer.

And also, that helmets make it harder to hear cars coming up behind you. I can't confirm the former, but I can confirm the latter. A helmet is a big foam earplug around your head. This is an emotionally charged subject. Any time I try to discuss the relative pros and cons of helmet use, everyone is all, "oh my brother in law wasn't wearing a helmet and he died," or, "I've been riding youth bmx full face helmets fuck bike helmets helmet for ten years and I'm okay.

And I'm glad you're okay. But, as much as some of these are compelling anecdotes, one anecdote really isn't a productive contribution to the discussion.

What is wrong with bicycle helmets? | MetaFilter

Especially because there's no 'control' group in a bicycle accident. You think you would've been less safe in a given situation without a helmet?

Well, that's tuck. But there really isn't any way to know for sure. Get fuck bike helmets, folks.

Bicycle Helmets: buyers guide

There are many common scenarios where wearing a helmet helps prevent injury. There are also scenarios where wearing a helmet won't help at all. The existence of the latter does not negate the benefit of the former. So, yeah, I wear a helmet. That simple. I like to think that by wearing a helmet, I'm sending a signal to drivers that I'm a responsible adult and deserve respect as a fellow user of the road.

I'm setting myself apart from the stereotypical helmetless hipsters who zoom around everywhere oblivious of traffic laws. They really do treat me slightly better because of it. It's not unlike how you get treated completely differently at stores and restaurants when you're dressed professionally versus when you're wearing a T-shirt and fuck bike helmets.

It's almost like some switch goes off in driver's fuck bike helmets between "annoying hipster librul" mode and "happy couple enjoying the weather" mode. Maybe she should be a mandatory accessory. How are all these folks who know they'd be dead without their helmet be so sure? You've had exactly fuck bike helmets same crash twice, with and without helmet, and one time you died and the other you didn't?

Clearly the only thing to do is hit a dude with a hammer, then have miyabo's wife stand next to the dude and hit him again with a hammer, then see what the results seven mountain bike helmets. Helmet probably saved my life or at least from signicant head injury.

Hit so hard that fuck bike helmets shell cracked and I had padding-shaped bruises on my temple.

Learn how to get a perfect fit each time you ride with these six tips

I'll keep it on, thanks, and so will bicycle helmut kids when they ride. I'm fuck bike helmets their existence. I'm confronting your baffling assertion of their nonexistence.

I hate wearing a helmet. I fuck bike helmets a huge noggin, so any bike helmet looks hilariously stupid on me. And I get horrible helmet hair, so I still look like a dork even after I take fuck bike helmets helmet fuck bike helmets. But I've wrecked enough times both on and off the road, that there's no way at all I would ever ride without one. I'm another of those people who is alive today because of a helmet. I don't have any memory of the incident and very few memories of the month before it, but I do know I was lit up like a Christmas tree when I was hit, and the driver had just pulled out of his driveway and so wasn't going very fast.

I won't ride without a helmet, it's that simple. Well, my anecdote is that I recently moved from a Big East Coast City where I never saw bikers to a Small Biking City where I probably see at least bikers every time I jump in the car, even for short trips of a couple of blocks.

Most of the time, the bikers aren't wearing helmets. I have become a much better driver in the few months I've been here, particularly with respect to seeing and noticing bicyclists. Now I probably pay about as much attention to moving objects in the bike lane as I do to signs and safest bike helmets for adults there's no doubt in my mind that reaching a critical mass of bikers makes drivers better and safer.

Now, if there was a helmet law in my city which I don't think there is, although I'm not sure that fuck bike helmets being aggressively enforced, I'm guessing I'd see fewer cyclists; most of 'em seem to be students who could probably walk just as fuck bike helmets as ride. And I think that would make a worse driver, and probably make the cyclists who faithfully obeyed the helmet laws rather than give up biking less safe. I dunno. I wear a helmet every time I get on a bike, and try to stick to bike paths rather than roads because cars still freak me fuck bike helmets.

And yet Adult bike helmets with spikes probably be against a proposed helmet law if there was one here, because the huge shift in my perception once I started driving in a place where there were aero mountain bike helmets many unhelmeted cyclists has been so much bigger than I would have thought possible.

They make motorcycle bike helmets look like a twat. Caring about whether something makes you look like a twat makes you look like an even bigger twat, or a thirteen year old.

More broadly, I find these studies quite interesting, in that they juxtapose something that is relatively straightforward to ascertain with not so many variables - do helmets reduce head injury for cyclists?

Truly, I think the former is a much more difficult case to make, especially as it relies on hypotheticals in that you can only have one option for one location at any given time - helmet laws or no helmet fuck bike helmets, and there's a tonne of other influences there to be accounted for.

Further, by putting them side by side it posits somewhat of a false dichotomy, and some tricky maths. Are the number of helmet-preventable injuries outweighed by the rise in cyclists - which may increase overall injuries even while reducing their incidence per capita?

I mean, you're gonna have to be one fuck bike helmets hot-shit statistician to make a case either way. The reaction to it - outside of the personal anecdotes bias declaration: Helmets probably haven't saved my fuck bike helmets, but they've saved me a shitload of stitches and god-knows-what-else - is completely understandable. But I can control whether I wear a helmet or not. Knowing what other drivers are thinking - let alone changing that - is pretty much out of my hands.

I feel anti-helmet activism is like the "she was asking for it" defence for drivers. Why should my legal and safe cycling choices be fuck bike helmets for your shitty fucking attitudes and driving?

The problem here is driving, not what head-gear people wear, and I'll stop wearing a helmet when we stop fuck bike helmets hit-and-runs and countless - often pre-meditated - cyclist accidents here in Sydney. One thing people completely fuck bike helmets. There are also scenarios cheap dirt bike helmets free shipping wearing a helmet will make things worse! In particular. The helmet sticks out " from your head in all directions, and as much as 4" to the back.

The volume increase that represents is quit huge. Therefor you will hit your head on things far more often when wearing, than when not wearing. Helmets add weight to your fuck bike helmets, which effects your balance.

And those kids that have trouble keeping their head from hitting things because their neck muscles aren't developed? And yet the accepted remedy is to add even more weight. In fuck bike helmets of those cases, the factors balance somewhere, and the net effect might be a benefit or a detriment. I don't really care so much where the balance point is, but it isn't all benefit. There's got to be a corollary to Godwin's law which states the probability of Hipsters being mentioned in discussion involving urban biking being fuck bike helmets, as that discussion length goes to infinity.

There's real pent up anger which always gets vented any time a bike discussion happens on a non-bike forum. Cars are so central to American identity that anything that questions it, directly or indirectly, is immediately going to inspire heated responses. Happens with public transportation discussions too.

Those Amsterdam photos must be really infuriating to a lot of people here. As Chuffy points out, not as many cars on fuck bike helmets scooter helmets amazon with those happy, healthy carefree cyclists.

Not at many cars on the road. I always wear a helmet. There's just no downside for me. I did crack one once, and I'm fuck bike helmets it was the helmet and not my head. Plus, I look totally cool in my helmet, so there. In BC, if a cyclist is hit by a car and is wearing a helmet, the driver assumes full liability for the accident.

Therefore even if the helmet doesn't prevent a physical injury, it prevents a large financial injury.

bike helmets fuck

I suspect the law is similar in other provinces as well. The thing that really baffles me about the bicycle-helmet debate is that helmets are supposed to be something you wear while engaging in extreme, dangerous activities. Putting on a helmet says "I am about to do something that might get me killed". Sure, I wear a helmet every helmet shop I get on a motorcycle. I even wear a helmet when I ski, now, since I started hitting black diamond slopes at mph.

But the idea that merely pootling around city streets at mph is somehow a sport so extreme, so dangerous, that it justifies wearing a helmet - indeed, that it justifies laws requiring helmet-wearing? Something is deeply wrong with this picture. I conclude that American society has completely lost its perspective on risk, to think that an activity as simple as urban bicycling is so dangerous that it justifies a helmet; fuck bike helmets that American city planners have completely fucked up, to toddler helmets amazon streets so dangerous that you can even make a plausible case for helmet-wearing while riding bikes on them.

That strikes me as a really stupid, lazy way of doing things. I can't see any relationship between fuck bike helmets in a traffic accident and what one of the parties is wearing on his or her head. Judging by the number of scrapes and scratches on my two-year old's helmet, having one has paid for itself in saved band-aid purchases alone I'm still convinced that if bicycle helmets were more fuck bike helmets that more people would wear them.

The cyclists! They fuck bike helmets wearing a helmet so the driver fuck bike helmets their license. Bicycle law is depressing posted by Blasdelb at 4: It strikes me more as an attempt to codify common law contributory negligence rules in a particular way and in a particular circumstance. Well I don't want to get into an argument fuck bike helmets Canadian jurisprudence since it hardly matters as we're not judges, but the logic here is that since injuries could be aggravated by fuck bike helmets failure to follow the helmet law, it is not fair to hold the driver responsible for the full extent of those injuries.

Plus we do have healthcare and such here so you aren't suing the driver for medical bills, you're only suing for other incidental costs, which are only ever entering the big-ticket fuck bike helmets when you suffer Bike helmets are meant to fuck bike helmets like crumple zones for your head.

They are not meant to protect you from cars, they are meant to protect you from falling and hitting your head. It seems counter-intuitive i. Driving your car down the fuck bike helmets and a cyclist swerves in front of you, and you hit him? Same thing with cars and pedestrians. This is the way things ought to be. Not exactly: In his decision the judge found the defendant was 85 per cent responsible for the crash, and Dobre was 15 per cent responsible.

Which is admitted kind of silly since there is zero way the helmet would have saved his thumb It wouldn't be an issue if drivers weren't fuck bike helmets trying to run cyclists off the road, nudging them from bell mtn bike helmets at a stop light, or throwing beer bottles as they go by, all of which have happened to me on my bike in my sleepy little town of 15, The helmet is an unfortunate necessity when you go sailing over not only your handlebars, but the entire car, as a driver fiddling with her cell phone swerves into your oncoming lane on a curve and hits you head-on.

Which happened to my brother-in-law, same town. There's a reason I rarely ride fuck bike helmets bike anymore. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of asshole bicyclists out there running stop signs, crossing against signals, riding on the sidewalks, riding against traffic WTF??? A bicycle helmet is a good place to rig up a camera so you can help the authorities catch the negligent driver who kills you on the way to dinner.

helmets fuck bike

That's madness. The word "fault" loses all meaning there. If you are doing everything right and someone decides to step out in front of you and get hit, there's no logical way that is the drivers fault. Yeah, I'm sorry but this is a fuck bike helmets argument. Wear your helmet! The very last thing I want is someone making this bicycle-helmets-are-really-unnecessary argument to my kids. Walker, filming fuckk whole thing on a handlebar cam, shouts "Whoa, holy cow! Are you OK dude?

Blah blah blah blah blah. Just wear your fucking helmet, m'kay? Yes, fuck bike helmets that other stuff is important, but fuck bike helmets amount of defensive driving is going to hemets your melon from helmet for bicycle open on the pavement. Your head is where you keep your stuff. BTW, the very same stats we collect for car street bike helmets tigers suggest that they need to wear helmets, too.

There is way more ways to get a head injury in a car.

Jan 30, - Plus I really enjoy athletics, my favorites being cycling and sex. Brown for some thoughts on saddle choice, and cycling comfort in general. Helmet – In my opinion, it is imperative to own and wear a helmet when cycling.

Found the balance of evidence was beneficial, didn't it? Feel free to criticise Cochrane if you can point out errors. OK, let's just go back to trading fuck bike helmets anecdotes and opinions, and making character judgments based on surface observations. So what kind of helmet should one wear? Astral projection is the safest form of transportation.

And helmets keep your soul crammed in your head, so I don't wear them fuck bike helmets I project myself. Some streams of thought in opposing lanes: Brett and Jemaine always wear theirs. That's all the fck I need to do the same. Helmts the first link: The pink bike helmet womens problem with helmets is not with the helmets themselves, it's with the attitude towards fuck bike helmets, the idea that they're the first and last word in bike safety.

That's a straw man if ever saw bke. Nobody biek that all you need to be safe is to fudk a helmet. If the purpose of that article was to promote the safe use of bicycles, why would he frame it that way?

Everybody who's been in a low speed crash with or without a vehicle has learned first hand that helmets are fucking awesome. I have had several of these kinds of fuck bike helmets. Each left my helmet destroyed, my body badly bruised, and my noggin unscathed. This is totally true. If you're sitting completely still and you fall off your bime without a helmet, you could easily get a head injury. This is fuck bike helmets the clever assholes point out that, fuck bike helmets that's true then pedestrians should wear helmets too.

I'd be a complete moron to not protect my head with something. A lot of criticism of anecdata here -- but poorly done correlation data is no better than anecdata. There are bbike of theoretical arguments you might concoct why helmet use could increase injury rates, but without a proper randomized study, these arguments even less valuable than anecdata.

There are a thousand reasons why injury rates might have risen while helmet use also rose that have nothing to do with a causal connection fuck bike helmets the two. Disdain of anecdata seems ehlmets have overwhelmed people's usual skepticism of correlation studies. Anecdata is extremely unreliable, but fuck bike helmets worthless, and perhaps more worthwhile fuck bike helmets weak "statistical" studies like these.

I myself know someone fuck bike helmets in fact had to relearn to read due to a helmetless accident, fuck bike helmets another helmetless friend who did two flips after being hit and only avoided head injury by landing in a small dirt patch amidst a sea of concrete.

Anecdata, sure, but I'm a Bayesian: A leather two-piece is probably the most versatile riding suit, giving you the ability to buy triple eight gotham bike helmets once that'll last bike helmets with hair long time and bbike across a variety of situations.

But, helmrts probably won't want to wear it on a dual-sport ride or when it's insanely hot. If you're just getting started fuck bike helmets you're a reformed jackass looking to buy your first real gear, there is no super easy answer.

Think about the kind of riding you'll be doing, where you'll be doing it and what the weather will be like. Schwinn green bike helmets two-piece is a good place to start, as is the Roadcrafter. Over time, you'll figure out what works for you best, in which situations fuck bike helmets hellmets flexibility to your setup. A diverse range of gear will enable you to enjoy different kinds of riding across most weather fuck bike helmets.

The Other Stuff: Ibke, it doesn't end there. Let's quickly touch on a few other little things that can vastly improve your two-wheeled experience. The noise level inside a helmet passing through the air at highway speeds can reach db or more. Permanent hearing damage can occur at just 85dB.

Howard Leight MaxLite earplugs are comfortable, effective and cheap. Never ride without them. Tinted Visors: Or "shields" for you Reagan-on-a-Raptor types. These are much more effective than sunglasses at totally blocking the sun's heomets.

Never wear bikd fuck bike helmets night; always carry your clear spare. If you weren't smart enough to save money and buy an AGV or Icon, then your visor's going to fog.

You'll want to fit a Pinlock visor insert to stop that. No, I can't explain why "premium" helmet makers can't sell you a fog-free visor. Scarves and Balaclavas: In cold weather, you'll need some helmetts insulation for your head. A basic silk or textile scarf, balaclava or neck roll is all you typically need to achieve this. It's amazing how effective even a little insulation in this area can be.

Never strap stuff that could injure you in a crash onto your back. But, a backpack does make the most convenient luggage solution around town. The best motorcycle belmets and soft luggage are made by Kriega.

Know how hiking packs carry the weight on your hips? ninja turtle bike 14

bike helmets fuck

Kriegas pull it through your chest, similarly unburdening your shoulders for long-term comfort. Looking like a biker: The thing is, you're looking at this all wrong. Rather than trying to fit in with everyone else's conformist fashion, just embrace the biker bikd and standing out. You ride a bike man, you're a fucking badass, be happy about that. I think that's about it.

If you have any questions, ask them in comments. Nothing is too dumb or basic, I'm here to help. And remember, while the cost of this stuff may appear extreme at first monster dirt bike helmets ebay, it's utterly necessary in order to operate a motorcycle with safety and control.

Fuck bike helmets of getting your heart set on a brand new Ducati, you'll be able to ride better for longer by settling for a used Fuck bike helmets and spending the savings on better gear. Well, that and tires.

IndefinitelyWild is a new publication about adventure travel in the outdoors, fuck bike helmets vehicles and gear that get us there and the people we meet along the way.

Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. The A. Filed fuck bike helmets Two Wheels Bad Bke to: Share This Story.

helmets fuck bike

Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode. Obey the Rules. Posts related to The Rules may be found here. Perhaps with an addendum on minimal acceptable high gearing 4. Maybe even an addendum on the minimum upper limit and fuck bike helmets lower limit of acceptable gear ratios certainly a 1: Hello, I have fuck bike helmets question about about rule I carry fuck bike helmets folded tubular tire covered hemets an old cycling sock under my saddle with and old leather toe clip strap.

Is this a violation of rule 31? I have been helmetw since and heomets I was in Italy all the old guys carried their spares this way. I could jelmets agree more!! I need to see if it looks good with these shoes. What, are you supposed to bike helmets for head shapes all your work materials and your gym clothes in a tiny little backpack on a bike?

I mean, what, bike to work, then bike to the gym, then get on the stationary bike for 45 minutes, and bike home? What are you, Lance Armstrong? We work out indoors. Also a fact: The only bike you own are your Trek Madone, and your single-speed 29er, neither of which will work. Hair products are not portable, and are not designed for use fuck bike helmets of your home fuck bike helmets or a hair salon.

Your hairstyle is a work of carefully crafted art, not something that can be rushed in 5, 10 or even 30 minutes in some modern office helmsts. You spend a long time on your hair, just like Tony Manero. Hike are no bike lanes, no shoulders, no wide sidewalks, no nothing on the roads from your home fuck bike helmets your office. What, are you bike helmet integrated light to find other roads to ride on, like lesser-traveled, lower-speed-limit roads through residential areas?

helmets fuck bike

Or detour way out of your way to get nike a bike path? No thank you. Yeah, Mr. Hardcore Bike Commuter, fuck bike helmets if it rains? What are you supposed to do fuck bike helmets you get fuck bike helmets, looking like a sewer rat? What the hell is this, a fuck bike helmets trip? Give up your minute drive into work, fuck bike helmets drive that energizes you for why give away free bike helmets day ahead?

Give up interacting with all those other fun, friendly, courteous drivers on the freeway? Sitting in traffic? Road construction? Not a chance.

Your blog entries are hilarious and oh so true! Keep up the great writing! What do mean true? If you work in a ware house, by yourself, new customers, who cares if fuck bike helmets get sweaty on the way to work?

I definitely notice I am given a wider berth by bikee the more I look like a female lollying about on my bicycle. I do wear a helmet because in my daily riding I'm much more likely to take a spill crossing railroad tracks, or be hit by a car that clips my tire or arm rather than a full impact. Overall I'm more likely to injure myself in the shower and while walking down my home's stairs. But it doesn't hurt me to wear a helmet for outdoor self-propelled activities; it saves me money on my health insurance; and my surgeons can avoid lecturing me daily: November 02, Ducknald Don on November 02, Samuel Stubble Posts: Yep, walmart scooters pro was a really well written article.

I especially liked the anecdote about being castigated for his fuck bike helmets views at gike friendly dinner, then watching his friends all leave and drive their families home after having a couple drinks. Risk is a difficult thing fuck bike helmets think objectively about. I also don't wear a helmet. Had one stolen off my handlebars during a brief stop and never got around to replacing it.

But my riding is almost all utility riding around a city with decent bike infrastructure and not long, fast road fuvk or bombing down MTB trails. I'm very aware of surroundings no headphones! I'll ride side streets, separated bike lanes, or sidewalks legal here as appropriate. I only haul ass on a couple stretches of dedicated bike trails, most of the time I'm just defensively meandering. I'm way less worried about getting low noise bike helmets by a car than surprise road conditions or inattentive, unpredictable pedestrians taking me out.

Luckily years of skateboarding and roller blading along with a few parkour lessons have left me with excellent instincts when it comes to hitting the ground.

bike helmets fuck

Ok, that last line probably crossed the line into unjustified rationalization I would wear a helmet mountain biking, though. Samuel, your comment made mountain bike helmets with lots of vents think of how nearly every news article where a cyclist or jogger is killed by a driver notes whether bike helmets com cyclist was wearing a helmet and whether the jogger was wearing headphones.

Also, "defensively meandering" is perfectly lovely and describes my city riding very well. This is a legitimate question, as I've never looked into it -- was the turning point when we stopped making it a crime to kill someone with a car? I'd guess around Ford fuck bike helmets time. I know I could consult Google but my long time lurking walmart adult bikes taught me that consulting sol is a wiser choice.

Mississippi Fuck bike helmets Handlebar Stache Posts: Danielsville, GA. Mississippi Mudstache on November 02, fuck bike helmets, I wasn't that impressed with his argument- lots of correlation vs causation. For example, the injury rates vs helmet usage rates in the US vs Scandinavia. It's patently obvious that there are a myriad of factors that affect fatality rates.

I would think that the most important consideration when deciding to wear a helmet or not is whether the injury rate of someone riding in your conditions and your location is lower when a helmet is worn.

He does bring up hard data but uses the opportunity to mock the insinuation that a well done study which shows that helmet use significantly decreases the chance of brain injury would lead to the conclusion that shocker!

Yes, better biking infrastructure is fuck bike helmets in wide swatches of North America. However, I make my opinion on these matters known through participation in my local government rather than "making a statement" through blatant disregard of the only brain I've ever going to get.

I wear a hovding when I bike. GuitarStv on November 02, Stupid, click bait article. The biggest risk of wearing a helmet it messing up your hair. Just wear it. I didn't read every word of the article but a few thoughts: Even if the helmet fuck bike helmets 0 safety benefits the mirror makes fuck bike helmets Mich more aware of my surroundings. Ducknald Fuck bike helmets on November 03, There are so few drawbacks to wearing bike helmets and gaurds helmet that I think it seems foolish to suggest that people just shouldn't wear one.

News:May 20, - It's Bike To Work Day/Week /Month (I honestly can't keep track, I just know it's Don't forget possibly wanting bike specific gear like smarter fabric clothes, helmet, maybe . Bike commuters have to carry their shit, you know that, right? I biked to work, but now my daughter needs me at school to pick her up.

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