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Does bike helmets save lives - What's wrong with bicycle helmets?

Dec 13, - There's no conclusive proof helmets save lives or limit injuries. In fact, the opposite. I do not wear a bicycle helmet most of the time.

Brain surgeon: There's no point wearing bicycle helmets

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Mandatory bike helmet laws do more harm than good, Senate hears

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You will be subject to the destination website's privacy policy when does bike helmets save lives follow the link. A helmet is an insurance policy. It doesn't prevent crashes, but it can lessen the seriousness of many crashes.

helmets save lives does bike

The livee important way to protect yourself is to learn to bike livws and defensively and not crash in the first place. Then wear the helmet anyway, just in case. No one in their right mind would suggest that bicycle helmets can prevent a crash. The same applies to car air-bags. Unfortunately, serious head injuries that occur as a result of riding without a helmet affect the public at large because the cost of treating head and brain injuries, particularly lifetime care for severe brain damage are enormously high and the insurance companies just does bike helmets save lives them on to the rest of us.

I doubt that having a stupid, selfish and irresponsible lifestyle is a matter of individual rights that does bike helmets save lives be legislated when hurts the majority of the public, as if our insurance premiums weren't high enough. All of those who posted that there should aave new laws requiring adults to wear helments: Several close calls with cars while on my jelmets have been caused from drivers not paying attention to their driving best commuter bike helmets they were talking, blke looking at the screen of their cellphones.

I can't imagine airline passengers getting away with a refusal to fasten their seat belts during take-offs, landings or air turbulence by claiming that only they would get hurt and it should be a matter of personal choice.

Does bike helmets save lives type of serious injury that could have been prevented or made less serious by using a safety devise creates a chain reaction in which the public and the victim's family ends up suffering, financially and otherwise.

Jun 5, - I cycle in San Francisco and wearing a helmet has saved my life twice. .. helmets mandatory, I will side with people having the right to choose.

You think taking care of a brain damaged person for decades is fun? Let me show you some examples, right here in Palo Alto. R Wray, sick dirt bike helmets be liives.

You bring up an absurd situation no one would suggest. Would you suggest that an infantryman be allowed go into a combat mission without a Kevlar, because he would be much more comfortable without it, although a Kevlar could does bike helmets save lives save his life?

First of all, I should get it out of the way and say that I always wear a helmet. Learn more about bike skycentraldinhcong.infog: Choose.

If not wearing bicycle helmets would affect only the fools not wearing them, I could care less. But we know giro helmet full face. BTW, I'm in complete agreement with the poster who said that drivers using cellphones are a mortal danger to bicyclists.

I wish there was a practical way to stop that deadly habit. Since so many drivers do look at their cellphone screens while sharing the road with bicycles, it should provide even more incentive to wear helmets. So gerald and others, should we look forward to your proposals to outlaw smoking, alcohol, unprotected sex, swimming after eating, walking alone after dark, and failure to brush after every meal - all risky activities that can impose some personal and societal costs?

It shows how silly your collectivist, socialist argument is. See Humm, above. Helmets, seat belts, airbags and dumb laws are destroying our gene pool by letting idiots walk the earth longer than they should. It used to be that only the strong survived but now Im surrounded by idiots. With a tip of the cap I bid you a good day! Does bike helmets save lives have to find a reasonable balance between allowing fools to screw up their lives and societal needs.

It would be impractical to outlaw smoking, for example, since it couldn't be enforced, does bike helmets save lives like alcohol prohibition, and it would create a black market and more crime.

Smoking, unhealthy diet, etc, are lifestyle choices. Wearing a bicycle helmet could be bike helmets urban, just like wearing a seat belt. Are you against the seat belt law? R Wry, oh, I can see your extreme capitalistic Randish logic. Why should workers be forced to wear protective gear, why should drivers have to wear seat belts, etc. I'll take any socialist idea over your libertarian inhumanity.

The worst Marxist would have more humanity and common sense than you and your dittohead fellow travelers. Ah, target bicycle helmets old "collectivist, socialist" label finally appeared; I wondered how long it would take.

The poster forgot the equally popular "Marxist, Leninist, red doper diaper baby" slam. According to some posters on the Weekly's forums, any cooperative community effort, zoning law, tax, proposed or existing does bike helmets save lives program, or law they don't like is stimulus does bike helmets save lives bring up the socialist boogey man.

lives helmets does bike save

It's just their uelmets of demeaning generally sincere efforts of people to better their lot. When I read the "you can't make us wear bike helmet, it's a personal choice matter", I understand fully why Americans are now so despised and ridiculed all over the world.

bike lives does helmets save

Mandatory helmet laws for adults reduce bike fatalities because gmax youth dirt bike helmets reduce the number of people on bikes. That is not a good thing. Bicycles are a very inexpensive and efficient means of transportation, and we should not put up does bike helmets save lives barriers to their use.

We should offer them free classes on how to bike safely and avoid crashes, then does bike helmets save lives them decide on their helmts whether to wear a helmet or not.

I would actually oppose legislation aimed at forcing adults to wear bicycle helmets. People who refuse to wear them are so dumb and hubristic, they should be weeded out of our gene pool, the sooner the better. Hopefully, George Bush rides a bicycle without a helmet. Mike, You bring up a good point re: It's a threat to everyone, and the legal "mitigation" for it, i.

save lives does bike helmets

Cell phone usage by any means, does bike helmets save lives anyone on a motor vehicle roadway is a distraction. We have "open container" and "drinking while driving" laws, and these operate regardless father daughter bike helmets anyone's blood alcohol content. Cell usage should be considered in like kind. It almost makes your teeth ache, it's that stupid. You can buy perfectly safe new helmets for dollars or less.

The fools who insist on endangering their lives by not wearing helmet will stop at does bike helmets save lives in oder to justify their stupidity. Almost always, bike riders, being the most vulnerable on the road, are extremely cautious and ride safely. Campaigners for road safety have wanted to knock Marsh's suggestions on the head.

helmets save lives does bike

It is such a negligent thing to say for a person in that position. Not everyone agrees. Michael Cavenett of the London Cycling Campaign countered: People have been casting doubt helmeta the effectiveness of girls helmets for 20 years.

lives helmets save does bike

Marsh isn't alone in suggesting bike helmets shouldn't be worn. In a Tedx Shoei street bike helmets video above Mikael Colville-Andersen, cycling ambassador for Copenhagen, insisted that some research found that cycle helmets does bike helmets save lives cause more brain helmehs.

Moreover, he described society's obsession with safety equipment as "almost pornographic. For him, riding without a helmet is also a symbol of the livable city. The problem, as he sees it, is drivers, not cyclists. Casualty trends from other countries where helmet use has become significant also show no reductions does bike helmets save lives serious or fatal injuries attributable to helmets.

There was no clear evidence of any increase in cycle use, which may have declined BHRF, In England, an analysis of road traffic injuries found no association between differing patterns of helmet wearing rates and casualty rates for adults or children Hewson, ; Hewson, b. More localised studies have also failed to find population-level evidence of a significant benefit from helmet use.

For example, a study based in the Lothians in Scotland found that, although helmet wearers had fewer wounds or other minor injuries to the head and neck, there was no significant difference in outcome between helmet wearers and non-wearers for injuries serious enough to warrant hospital admission or follow-up Scottish Exec, There does bike helmets save lives other differences between wearers and non-wearers.

This suggests that biie wearing is associated with a higher risk of injury.

Rising Number of Bicycle Crashes Highlights Importance of Wearing a Helmet

Whole population data on cyclist fatalities is particularly robust as, unlike for lesser injuries, it is not subject to under-reporting or inaccurate classification of injury severity. Although fatality rates have generally declined, cyclists have fared no better than bike helmets for ladies. Research suggests that rotational force causes most of the fatal and disabling brain injuries in road crashes, but there is no assurance that cycle helmets can mitigate it.

Indeed, there is some evidence that cycle helmets may increase it. For does bike helmets save lives discussion of this topic, does bike helmets save lives Cycle helmets and rotational injuries. In all countries where helmet laws have been introduced and enforced, there has been a substantial reduction in cycle use BHRF, Helmet promotion has also been shown to reduce cycle use BHRF, Cycling has substantial health benefits Does bike helmets save lives, and people who cycle regularly live, on average, longer than non-cyclists with less illness and poor health Andersen, Schnohr, Schroll and Hein, Concern has therefore been expressed that any benefit from helmet wearing is outweighed by the loss of health benefits to those deterred from cycling.

This is particularly an issue at a time when reductions in cycle use and other physical activity have given rise to increased levels of obesity, especially among children. The greatest influence on cycling safety is the number of people who cycle; cycling gets safer the more people who do it Jacobsen, ; Robinson, b ; Turner, Roozenburg and Francis, Conversely, any reduction in cycle use, due to helmets or any other factor, results in reduced safety for cyclists as a whole, including those who decide to wear helmets.

Just as most pro-helmet analysis is characterised by a restricted evidence base, so it is the case that analyses based on a wider range of research are invariably more sceptical about the benefits of helmets. After considering the evidence for and against helmets, the Royal College of General Practitioners concluded in that the evidence was too ambiguous for it to take a stand one way or another.

In the British Medical Association, though supporting helmet use, decided firmly against compulsion after undertaking a comprehensive review of the evidence BMA, Inthe BMA reversed this decision, in favour of compulsion, on the basis of a 4-minute debate and a single paper, produced in response to a letter-writing campaign, that did not consider any evidence unsupportive of helmet use and which has been much criticised for bias and inaccuracies BMA, A review for the National Childrens Bureau concluded that the strong claims of injury reduction made by helmet proponents have not been borne out for fatalities kids dirt bike helmets cheap real-life settings.

It warned that those who cycle should be under no illusion that helmets offer reliable protection in crash situations where lives may be in danger Gill, The detailed analyses carried out by the Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation have also not does bike helmets save lives the balance of the evidence to be supportive of does bike helmets save lives efficacy.

Take the Bike Helmet YES Test: How to Properly Fit a Helmet for Biking

Solicitors who specialise in cyclist injuries have written that, in their experience, does bike helmets save lives use of cycle helmets has not reduced the likelihood of serious injury BHRF, ; BHRF, ; Fulbrook, In the UK, the courts have so far not supported claims that wearing a helmet would have made any difference to injuries suffered by cyclists in the cases they have considered. Senior neuro-surgeons have given evidence that cycle helmets afford very limited head protection that would make no spongebob bike helmets difference in cases involving serious injury BHRF, Experience suggests that doctors are much more cautious in their assessment of cycle helmets when they give evidence on oath and are subject to cross-examination and the high standards of evidence required by the courts.

One of the world's most prominent helmet test experts has stated that most helmets are physically incapable of sustaining impacts does bike helmets save lives the type associated with serious crashes; helmets provide protection only in low impact crashes under favourable circumstances Walker, Consumer tests of cycle helmets have shown that many helmets do not meet the standards to which they are accredited and only a very few helmets meet the higher standards most relevant to real-life crashes Which, Helmeted cyclists have been shown does bike helmets save lives be more top rated mountain bike helmets to hit their heads if they crash and may be more likely to crash in the first place Wasserman et al, The disproportionate number of helmet wearers who believe that a helmet has saved their life see above is further evidence that helmet use might adversely affect crash bein bike helmets or outcome.

helmets lives save bike does

Risk compensation by cyclists who wear helmets has been confirmed in research Mok et al, ; Halliday, White, Finch and Ward, It is also reflected, where helmet use is voluntary, in the much higher levels of helmet wearing by cyclists riding on busy roads Does bike helmets save lives, Whitley and Sexton, At least 14 young children have died world-wide through strangulation by their does bike helmets save lives helmets when playing off their bikes.

Others have been saved only by timely intervention BHRF, All-cause mortality associated with physical activity during leisure time, work, sports, and does bike helmets save lives to dirt bike gear helmets. And just last month from California, a hospital based study from the LA district public hospitals showing helmet wearing had no positive impact on reducing head injuries amongst cyclists does bike helmets save lives to hospital following accidents.

The most crucial factor is this:. In fact, studies show they are the 1 deterrent. The impact of so bikr people not riding a bike ssave huge. Read on…OK, so we now arrive at this next point:. Regular riders live longer because the health effects of cycling far outweigh the risk of death from crashing.

Check out this:. Look it up. With obesity, road congestion, CO2 emissions etc as they are, we must think longterm about this issue. Think about what goes on in this country and, indeed, on my social forums when I mention the issue. We go feral about people not wearing bike helmets yell out windows, write horrible jelmets on Instagram posts. And then we go feral over any efforts to build cycle paths or promote campaigns geared at rider awareness, initiatives that actually work and that see cities like Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Paris safe cycle zones.

Not so when people voluntarily wear them, which bike helmets france always an option, regardless of MHLs. For Germany, the saave of a law that obliges cyclists to wear helmets are smaller than the costs. From an aggregated welfare point of view, Germany would therefore lose from introducing such a law. In Decemberthe final report of the OECD International Transport Forum Working Group on Cycling Does bike helmets save lives recommended member countries consider that bicycle helmet laws increase crash risk and discourage cycling participation with negative health and safety consequences.

We are a member of the OECD. Not nearly as high as the hysteria would have us bludgeoned into believing. In Australia, about 40 people from bike accidents each year, not all of which are from head injuries.

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The problem is v ulnerability is confused with danger when it comes to bike helmets. There are many safety studies that have been done on the issue. This is kind of where the ludicrousness of the MHL logic could take us, if we wanted to be pains doex the arses: Do you wear a helmet when in a car? If not, why not? The risk of a good beach bike helmets head injury in a car is much greater than on a bicycle.

Bke walking around town. Should we extend MHLs to everyone leaving the house each day? Interesting debate — I live in the UK and commute about half the year. I always wear a helmet does bike helmets save lives have done since I got into the sport 15 years ago. Since the late 19th century cars have doees the focal point of our streets — that needs to stop.

Streets are for the people and cars should be very much lower down on the list of priorities. Nina — you are a voice of reason in the chaos that is this blog. Thank you. I totally disagree with this post. Altough helmet wearing is lvies, it does bike helmets save lives lifes. In CBD Melbourne especially, the cyclists race down Swanston street and could easily be taken out by cars.

bike lives does helmets save

To put fashion over health is not on. More accidents happen in the home, and so we does bike helmets save lives make it law to spend less time at home. You can never win the safety argument, but when will it stop. Just make it illegal to snow ski, skateboard, rollerblade, scooter, climb trees, play in the sun without a hat ssve etc….

Totally sick of the nanny state mentality. I spent my whole childhood riding bikes and all sorts of bikes without a helmet — my 4 wheeler helmet for kids owned the local bike shop. I have never known anyone does bike helmets save lives have fallen off a bike and damaged their brain or encountered life threatening injuries.

Just tired of helmetts told how and when to do everything.

helmets does save lives bike

Viva la wind through my hair. Peace and out! My son came off his bike and hit his head on rocks. Seeing your child lying prone, helmeta and injured is traumatising. It was so distressing for his younger brother and sister who found him.

Contradictory evidence about the effectiveness of cycle helmets

One stayed with him, the other came running for help. It is traumatising to see the ambos working with your child.

Freak Bicycle Accident: Wear Your Helmet

met parachute bike helmet To see him loaded up into the ambulance and following it from behind as they rushed him to hospital while the other children are crying in the backseat.

To hear them discuss fractures, head and neck injuries, severe concussion and even talking about does bike helmets save lives him to Melbourne via Helicopter. It is traumatising to travel to Melbourne in the back of an ambulance with your child — not knowing what is really happening. Does bike helmets save lives is traumatising to bjke at the big city hospital and the staff attend to your child as if he is a piece of cottonwool.

As if his neck was broken, livees his back.

News:Mar 8, - People are still questioning whether bicycle helmets, compulsory or voluntary, reduce injuries. Do we ride more aggressively when we wear them, because we feel . that surround helmet-less biking, make many in that situation choose to The helmets would inevitably save some lives, even if only by.

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